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Worcester’s most brilliant, yet modest, rock band was formed for a one-off gig in 1997 and forgot to disband.  Their fame has spread and their extensive world tours have encompassed such far-flung points as Basildon, Towcester and Stoke-on-Trent.

They finally retired on 20 June 2015


“Naked cycling, fat joke telling, Sinbad/Lou Carpenter imitating, limelight stealing lady killer that is Robbie Turner will be gracing the stage this evening, and he's brought some chums along to play a few tunes in between his regular and topical rants. Songs that we all know and love, Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Weller, even the Dutch legends Golden Earing get a look in - but the main thing you'll take away is memories of an absolutely storming night.”  

- flyer, The Marr’s Bar

toxic pete

“The Fingers, probably one of the best covers bands around Worcester. Guaranteed to create a party atmosphere within minutes of taking to the stage.”

  - Toxic Pete


“Val & I really enjoyed (the Fingers). The band played really well, the singer was mad, but great. A good time was had by all.” 

- John Dalton, The Kinks

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